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  • Creating your TMAs is easier than ever...
  • fast scanning of your tissue slides...
  • digital platform for slide annotation...
  • creation of your precise TMAs...
  • full support by our experienced team...

Why you need Tissue Micro Arrays (TMAs)

TMAs are

- Cost-effective

- Resource-sparing

- Tissue “archives” in a single block

They allow you to

Study hundreds of tissues under the same experimental conditions

ngTMA at a glance

ngTMA stands for next-generation Tissue Micro Arrays and comprises our complete service for

- Medical & research consulting

- Fast scanning of your tissue slides

- Digital platform for slide annotation

- Creation of precise TMAs

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Joint service with the University of Bern

University of Bern Institute of Pathology

ngTMA is a Facility of the
Translational Research Unit 
Institute of Pathology
University of Bern